Many voices

I love that I am now a Lector in my church, Emmanuel Episcopal. I love it because I have experience in public speaking and it is one way I can serve my fellow¬†parishioners. I am told I am very good at it. I hope so. But I also enjoy the other unique voices that read our lectionary week to week. One of my favorites is a soft spoken retired nurse whose sing song delivery brings to mind lullabyes and bedside hand holding. Very soothing! Another is an attorney whose years before judges and juries have made his langorous Southern drawl particularly powerful … especially so since I know that he struggles for air when reading from his wheelchair.

This post is a way to acknowledge the many voices we hear … that we should hear … that we do¬†hear … every day. They may not be OUR voice or even one we feel comfortable with, but they are nonetheless powerful and important to our daily lives, and our daily walk with God. Some are voices we want to turn away from, but which the Lord compels us to listen to. And, when called, to reprove. Or forgive. Or enjoin. Or share. But, always, to listen and love. Blessings.