An Urgent Plea — Organic Gardening is NOT hard or expensive but it is dying!

I got into organics because I am basically a lazy gardener and known to be penny pinching. What I do have is time, and it is true that organics take a little bit more time and attention than buying a few seedlings at your local hardware store and some Miracle Grow. But it is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it.

Now, not to ring the guilt bell or anything, but I know so-called “environmentalists” who garden in precisely that fashion. They do not understand (or choose to ignore) the connection between chemical fertilizers and ground water contamination; or pesticides and bee/bird population declines. They figure their little garden couldn’t possibly make a difference.

Well, I believe every garden and every gardener is a link in a chain that needs to grow strong enough to break the bondage of the Monsantos and Bayers and Syngentas of the world. The mega-global seed/supply companies that are choking out small organic seed suppliers and changing the future of our food supply and our world — and not for the better!

Just this year I have seen a drastic reduction in organic varieties offered by some of my favorite companies who have succumbed to financing from Big Ag. Such companies are buying up small organic companies at a record clip, which means they can control the dna of our favorite heirlooms, inserting their vile Roundup chemistry into them. Soon, I fear, heirlooms will be corrupted with such genetic modifications (GMO) and the range of truly organic varieties so limited as to be non-existent. Think I am being alarmist?

Just check out this chart on seed company ownership. It should send a chill up your spine.And it only tracks until 2013. Since then, the acquisitions or closings of some of your favorite small organic seed companies have only increased and at an alarming rate.

What can you do? Please, support small organic seed companies such as, before I too succumb to economic realities. I will never sell out, but  could close because with the combined pressures of mega-agriculture, Google (which makes gaining visibility harder by the day) and difficulty obtaining truly organic stock, it may just be necessary.

I hope not, but I need your help to stay alive. Please visit today. Use the code SeedStart2018 to get 20% off any order of $50 or more in the Garden section, and know that you are helping keep a small organic seed company alive for one more season.


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