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Here are a few tips to make shopping easier:

Our new Wish List function makes it easy to shop and then move selected items (or your entire list) from your Wish List into your Shopping Cart. Be sure to save the Wish List for future reference.

Our new codes can be found on some listings which quickly tell you important points about the listing:

ORG = Organically Grown (Green)
ORG = Certified Organic (red)
Bee Forage = Bee Forage
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New! = New Offering on
North Carolina Native Plants = North Carolina Native Plants

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How many seeds are in a packet of CherryGal Heirloom Seeds?
The number of seeds per packet is listed at the end of the first paragraph of description. It is different for every variety. We try to include extras in addition to the stated number wherever possible.

Can I have my order express shipped?
If express shipping is available we will be happy to accommodate you. Fragrance customers should check with us first as it varies by product. Any product offering Free Shipping may not be shippable by express, but if it is, will require an additional payment for the express shipping. Please check with us first.

I don't like to use my credit card online. Can I order by phone?
We do not take phone orders. Credit cards can be used on the very secure Paypal and Google Wallet shopping carts.

I am having trouble checking out. What is the problem?
Usually if there is a problem checking out it relates to a difference between the information you have entered when registering on CherryGal, and the information that Google Wallet or Paypal have for you. Occasionally, certain browsers are problematic. If neither of these seems to fit, please check with either Paypal or Google Wallet, as there may be a problem they can explain.

Please include a printed catalogue with my order?
I'm sorry but we do not print a catalogue. One of the reasons we are able to offer such low prices is that we do not engage in expensive promotion of any kind. We are also opposed to the negative impact printed catalogues have on the environment. Every year 100 million trees are cut down to create 20 billion (yes billion) catalogues, which find their way to landfills. All of this has a profound impact on the sustainability of our planet. Finally, our inventory changes daily, so any printed catalogue would be out of date before it even reached you anyway. Our website IS our catalogue.

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