How To Give Your Dog A Treat!



It seems like a “no brainer,” doesn’t it? But how you give your dog a treat can make a big difference in your dog’s enjoyment of the treat, their behavior, and their health. So here are a few quick pointers:

DON’T give your dog too many treats! LuckyLike! Treats for Dogs are healthy and made of human-grade ingredients, but they are not meal substitutes. And if you are giving a lot of treats all day long for no particular purpose, it actually diminishes their enjoyment of them! Make getting a treat … a treat! Over-treating can also quickly lead to obesity, which can lead to all sorts of health problems for your dog, especially as they age. Fat dogs are NOT cute — they are FAT!

DO make the treat a reward for good behavior. Make them sit for their treat, or go to their sleepy place, or fetch a toy, or just calm down! Giving a treat when a dog is misbehaving will yield misbehavior! You don’t want to “bribe” your dog to stop behaving badly, you want to approve your dog’s good behavior. Doing this is a form of affection. A dog should never “grab” for the treat in your hand – that just invites problems (and pain). Give them a verbal cue if they do grab — say “NO” and withhold the treat until they are calm, keeping it in your fist. They should open their mouth and let you put it in their mouth, without teeth touching your hand. Or take it from your open palm when they are calm enough to deserve it.

DON’T frustrate your dog by promising a treat and then not giving it. Or holding a treat over their nose for a long time while they are made to wait. If they are being good, reward them immediately, so they associate the good behavior with the treat!

DO think about giving treats as an important tool in training, but not the only tool. Your dog should first want to please you, and then want the treat. So be sure a treat is prefaced with “Good Boy” or “Yes” and then the treat, not the other way around.

I hope you will make LuckyLike! Treats For Dogs a regular part of your Best Friend’s day!



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