Lucky Like! Premium Dog Treats


A couple of months ago I got tired of the quality and price of good, safe dog treats for my two fellas, Lucky and Buster. So I started baking my own for them, and they loved them! The recipes evolved and perfected to the point that I decided to market to others. What my boys enjoy — wholesome, natural and organic ingredients, with no added sugars, salts or artificial anything — will soon be available at Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Like! Premium Dog Treats

  1. I visited my friend (and superb bass player) Ray’s home (after our rehearsal for Sunday’s UU Talent Show last night). I had known his wife Karyn and his sweet blanket-eating (another story) dachshund for many years, but had forgotten the dog’s name: Lucky! I told them about your treats: they want me to let them know as soon as they are available!

  2. What a great idea! Dogs have discerning tastes just like we do and I’m sure they get tired of commercial treats.

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