Get Your 2018 Gardens Started …

A wonderful DISCOUNT opportunity for your 2018 garden.’s 2018 Organic Heirloom Seeds are now available! I gather rare and unusual selections of organic heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers for your garden, all packaged in small sizes and prices for the home gardener. Here is just a sampling of my 2018 offerings!

Rare and unusual seeds such as the French Crystalline Ice Plant, much prized by high end chefs for its unique presentation and flavor …

Beautiful garden flowers such as the Mother of Pearl Shirley Poppy….

Ed’s Red Shallot, the only shallot you can grow from seed!

Filderkraut Cabbage, huge pointy heads up to 10 lbs each, so sweet and flavorful they have their own festivals in Germany.

Morado Purple Corn, a popular South American treat for making of ChiChi Morado drinks during holidays.

North Carolina heritage varieties such as Sieva Carolina Pole Baby Lima Beans – a truly rare variety grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

All manner of heritage vegetables and an enormous range of culinary and medicinal herbs!

I will also be offering selected herb plants and strawberry plants, as well as decorated Fit Of Pique Garden Pots and Strawberry Jars in the Spring at the Farmers Market beginning in April.

But to get you started now, I am offering a special discount of 20% off any Garden Heirlooms order over $50. Just use the code SeedStart2018 – and you can use as many times as you like until it expires January 10.


Deborah Phillips

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