How to Fight a SuperBug!


The Centers for Disease Control has just sounded the alarm that the end of the era of antibiotics is at hand. How did we get here? Simple. The inappropriate use of antibiotics that flood your body’s immune system rendering it weak or helpless, and flush into the water supply feeding bacteria rendering them stronger and more dangerous. A lethal combination for us. There are 3 things that we can all be doing now to protect ourselves from such superbugs:

  1. Stop using antibiotics inappropriately or even at all. When you flood your system with antibiotics for every physical complaint, especially ones where they can’t be effective or are even counter-productive (colds, yeast infections, etc.) you reduce your body’s natural immune system and kill the bacteria that you need for a strong immune system. Overuse of antibiotics, that are flushed into the ground water, is the primary reason bacteria have become resistant.
  2. Change your diet to promote a stronger microbiome, which comprises 2/3 of your body’s immune system and is responsible for promoting your physical AND mental health. Did you know that “feel-good” seratonin is primarily created in the gut, not the brain? Stop eating the things that feed the bad bacteria in your gut, sugar primarily, but processed foods generally. GMO grains contain glyphosates (a component of Monsanto’s “Roundup”) which have been shown to cause severe irritation to the gut (in pigs) and are antimicrobial, killing all gut bacteria, even the good ones, like antibiotics do.  Start eating more fermented foods (wild caught sourdough, home made sauerkraut and pickles, apple cider vinegar with the mother, to name a few). Those who already have gut issues should know that your gut lining replaces itself every couple of days, so changing your bad habits and adopting a gut friendly diet will change your life.
  3. Stock natural herbs and plants that can come to your aid if you do need assistance fighting off a bug. One such good choice is berberine, the yellow substance found inside the bark of many plants found growing naturally — nandina, oregon grape, barberry and many more. Berberine is an adaptogen, meaning it backstops your immune system and adapts to what your body needs when it is stressed. There are many other plants that do this. They should always be your FIRST choice, not antibiotics.

These steps are important not just for YOUR health, but for the health of everyone around you! We are all in this together!