Organic Corporate Consolidation

TheCornucopiaInstitute supports the excellent work of The Cornucopia Institute, the public watchdog for family farming and economic justice. Last year they reported on corporate consolidation in the Organic Foods Processing Industry, and they have just released an important update. For anyone who thinks of organic food that you purchase in your grocery store as somehow coming from small mom-and-pop local farms, let us educate you! According to CI, “Big Food” has been gobbling up small independent processing companies to the point where there are only 15 left! The same thing has occurred among organic seed producers. Take a moment to study the Chart and you will see such names as Coca Cola, Con Agra, Campbell’s Soup, Nestle and Cargill. A similar Chart on seed consolidation is truly shocking! Monsanto and Bayer dominate, and many “small” seed companies are actually owned outright or have a very cozy relationship with these giant promoters of GMO and Neonicotinoids, seed and plant treatments now irrefutably linked to Honeybee Collapse Disorder.

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