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Bee Forage


ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis) is hard to find in organic form and Tuscan Blue is one of the best for culinary purposes. Rosemary is an attractive fragrant evergreen shrub with grey-green pinnate leaves and a clean pine scent. Classic culinary herb for meats and vegetables, I love using it to make heavenly crusty yeast breads. Northern Italians know that rosemary has a special affinity for pork. One of three roasts my Grandmother ground for her fabulous ravioli was a pork roast with garlic and rosemary. Talk about melt in the mouth! Rosemary grows well in containers - so be sure to pot some up for your winter kitchen. Perennial in zones 8-10. Rosemary was primarily grown in Mediterranean areas near the sea (its name derives from the Latin for "sea dew.") It was said that it would grow 33 years until it was the height of Christ when crucified, then die. Wood from larger plants was used to make lutes and other musical instruments. Like Lavender, Rosemary needs to grow "high and dry" so please avoid overwatering. You will receive one live plant in a 4" pot.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Historically, Rosemary is said to promote memory. We do not know of any scientific studies in that regard. However, recent study shows that just smelling rosemary produces compounds in the bloodstream that enhance cognitive function. How cool is that? Rosemary is still used today for the same uses it has historically been used for - astringents, potpourris. Recent studies have shown that Rosemary slows the growth of E.Coli and S.Aureus - two primary culprits in food spoilage. I brew a strong Rosemary tea that I cool and use as a hair rinse to promote hair growth (combine with sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock PLUS chamomile if you are light haired or eclipta if you are dark haired). And Rosemary makes a wonderful facial mask (combined with raw egg to invigorate the skin. Do not use if you are allergic). Rosemary can also be a very efficient mosquito repellent when the leaves are crushed and rubbed on your skin (make sure you are not sensitive first). Combined with sage, and boiled to make a "tea", it can be used to restore gray hair to its natural color. Let the combo cool and steep in your refrigerator. After shampooing, use a cotton ball to apply to gray (or rinse if you are gray all over) and let dry. Use weekly. Restoration will take several weeks but it beat chemical hair colors!

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