HERB * Bay Laurel Organic Double Stem Plant in FIT OF PIQUE Hand Made USA Pot

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Beautiful 1 year old Organic Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) plant with DOUBLE STEM in a Fit Of Pique genuine pique assiette mosaic pot. The taller stem measures 6" from soil line. The terracotta pot measures 4"H x 4.5" wide. The beautiful Fit Of Pique design includes antique and vintage blue willow and flow blue china pieces, a tiny child's blue willow tea cup handle, Rosina Chintz pieces vintage cobalt Hazel Atlas glass pieces, and a partial Adams "Chinese Ching" backstamp. Each FOP Pique Assiette creation is a unique work of art! This pot has been prepared for outdoor use.
Bay Laurel is a classic Mediterranean tree the leaves, buds and flowers of which are used for culinary purposes. That is why buying ORGANIC plants is so important for your health. The blooms are beautiful, the buds offer chefs a concentrated burst of flavor, but it is the leaves, pinched and used fresh or dried (the dried is more pungent), that are most commonly used, especially since pruning will provide many. In my Italian cooking, no dish is complete without it. Bay is also used in perfumery and as a carminative (relieves gastric gasses - another good reason to use in your cooking). The tree can grow up to 40 feet under ideal conditions, but can also be pruned to size desired and also make great topiary subjects. Outdoors they grow like crazy. Perennial Zones 8-10 (although I am in 7b and they are perennial here as well - even through one of the worst winters of my memory). But you can also grow very successful in containers that can be brought in during cold weather. You will receive one seedling in a 3.5" pot.
GROWING TIPS: Transplant after "hardening off" when all danger of frost is past in a sunny position in a mix of sand and loam with good drainage. If you are in cooler climates, it won't mind being crowded with other protective plants as long as the sun hits it most of the day. Can also continue to be pot grown if you give it excellent light. Bay Laurel grows in spurts, usually in Spring and Summer, so feed a balanced liquid fertilizer when this is going on.
CherryGal's Fit Of Pique Genuine Pique Assiette Mosaics combine antique and vintage porcelains and china (including back stamps), vintage buttons and jewelry, glass and crystals, charms and seashells, with 18K Gold and Silver Leaf Accents and signed with an 18K Gold or Silver "Cherry" on the front. The style is organic, with an archaeological effect as if the items were found washed up on a beach or dug from the earth. Each Fit Of Pique is a unique work of art!

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